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Low Chair

Mr. Pilates designed this piece to be in “every home and hotel room in America”! The springs integrate into whatever body part addresses them and create instant muscle tone through to one’s abdominal muscles. It is a complete workout system or as an adjunct piece to highlight and work on specific imbalances and re-create good alignment. It can be a very aerobic workout!


One of Mr. Pilates' first patents, the Reformer offers a lot of support for the body so that we don’t overwork our strongest muscles and instead develop our bodies uniformly, one of his stated goals. There is a headrest, a foot bar to hold leg weight, straps to help us align and strengthen arms and legs. We lie supine and prone, sit and kneel in both directions to work with the springs, building core and limb strength as well as coordination.

Tower Unit/Pole System

At first glance it looks like a medieval torture device, but fear not! The Tower is a vertical unit that uses a variety of attachments - a roll-down bar, arm springs, leg springs and a push-through bar to provide a full body workout. Basically it uses a multitude of springs! The Pilates Tower is an extremely adaptable piece of Pilates equipment and like all other pieces of Pilates equipment can be used to further challenge or give support in order to address the functional needs of the advanced as well as the beginner Pilates enthusiast.

COMBO TriPilates

Pilates done three ways: reformer, pole system and low chair. This equipment combo class allows attendees to experience the three primary pieces of Pilates equipment in a group setting.

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